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Darts Tournament

29th August 2014, 22:00     #PartyTime
Hosted by: Hurz
Download WSC Map Pack





• 8 worms per player
• Games are best of 3 (final and bronze are best of 5)

Games are fast and should only take around 5 minutes.

Whoever hosts MUST type /rs in the gamelobby to activate RacingStuff!


Teleport worms to start platform.

Activate low gravity by selecting it from the weapons menu or by pressing `

Select rope by selecting it from the weapons menu or pressing F8.

Attach rope to wall, select drill while keeping the rope attached by selecting it from the weapons menu or pressing F7.

Use the arrow keys to maneuvre the rope and build momentum, then release the worm and fly with drill towards board by pressing enter.

While the worm is flying towards the dartboard, press space to stop drilling BEFORE reaching the dartboard.

Tally up the scores after all worms have gone.

To the victor, the spoils!

*If any worms are knocked off, the scores still count, you have to land though, bounced off worms don't count.*

In the event of a draw on score at the end of all 16 worms, it's sudden death, players keep order and rope over then shoot 1 more dart each, the best dart wins, if a draw continues, players keep throwing until someone wins.

In the event of someone lagging out / disconnecting or mysteriously dissapearing, players will rehost and continue scoring from previous game, for example:

Player A: 0 - 0 - 5 - 2
Player B: 3 - 3 - 3 - 3

Then Player A drops, the game will be rehosted, and players can either teleport the worms to the targets they had in the previous game, then continue the match, or both players can just keep the score from the previous game, and play with however many worms they had left and continue the score.

Each Round use these maps in this order:

1 - Dartallica
2 - Cats! -
3 - Standart -

* Recycle these maps in order for Final and Bronze Bo5 *

Round 1/2/3 refers to the Bo3, not each stage of the Tournament. So games always start with Dartallica!

Take notice of each maps special rules!! If not sure about them visit maps page or ask MOD before start to play!

How to score worms that land between targets and on spikes is explained here:

gl, hf and may the darts be with you!

Tournament Results [show maps]

Medal points multiplier for the new system: x 0.4 (10 players)


Round 1 Round 2 Bronze Match Final Round










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